By Courtney
April 15, 2016
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Many do not know that April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Child abuse is more common than any of us wish to think. The Tennyson Center for Children reports several alarming facts:

  • A child abuse report is made every 10 seconds
  • More than five children die everyday as a result of child abuse
  • About 80% of children that die from child abuse are under the age of 4

Follow the link to the Tennyson Center for Children's website to learn more about child abuse statistics.

The Child Welfare Information Gateway has a great fact sheet for learning more about child abuse and neglect, and recognizing signs and symptoms. 

Common signs of abuse:

  • unexplained burns, bites, bruies, black eyes, etc.
  • fading bruises after an absence from school
  • child showing sudden changes in behavior
  • a sign of sexual abuse may be difficulty walking or sitting, nightmares or bedwetting

Common signs of neglect:

  • begs or steals food or money
  • constantly dirty or has body odor
  • says no one is at home to provide care

There are many more signs of abuse and neglect that we should all familiarize ourselves with. If you ever suspect any type of child abuse or neglect, please call the 24/7 anonymous child abuse hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child! Together, we can fight to prevent child abuse! 

By Courtney
April 01, 2016
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Many of our favorite foods and drinks cause our teeth harm and we don't even know it! Apples, bananas, honey and salad dressings are just a few!

Tooth enamel starts to dissolve at a pH below 5. 5 and dentin at a pH below 6.7. 


Be aware of how many acidic foods and drinks your children are eating everyday to preven acid erosion! 


By Courtney
February 12, 2016
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In celebration of National Children's Dental Health Month, the AAPD is hosting a tooth care tournament! 

The Monsters, Tooth D.K., Ginger Bite-Us, and Tartar the Terrible match up in week two against fluoride!

To follow the Mouth Monsters Mouth Madness tournament, check out the American Academy of Peidatric Dentistry's website! 

By Courtney
January 14, 2016
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5-2-1-0 Let's Go! is a program of the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center. The Let's Go! program is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent childhood obesity. 

5 - servings of fruits and veggies

2 - or less hours of screen time (iPad, televsion, etc.)

1 - hour or more of physical activity

0 - sugary drinks - drink more water! 

You can visit for more 5-2-1-0 tips! 

By Courtney
November 19, 2015
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In January 2014, the AAPD launched Mouth Monsters, an exciting, and interactive way to get little minds interested in their oral health! 

Published on November 17th, Mouth Monsters released "A Day of Dental Health." A simple "IQ" quiz to get little minds thinking about the health of the mouths! 

Please follow the link for more information on the Monster-Free Mouths Movement

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